Creativeworks London generated knowledge through its three research strands: London: Place Work Knowledge, Capturing London’s Audiences and London’s Digital Economy. Three post-doctoral researcher, together with their research leads and wider research partners, generated an impressive body of research that can be found in the following pages and the Publications section.


Areas of focus


What is it about London that makes it the great creative powerhouse that it is? What seems to be the mix of Place, work and knowledge that brings these interactions and innovations about and so fascinates and inspires other countries attempting to emulate it?

The Place Work Knowledge (PWK) research strand focused on the processes that drive and sustain London’s creative and cultural economy; examining how innovation, knowledge production and exchange work in practice.

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The majority of economic value in the creative economy is added by the end user, the audience. Yet this is the link in the value chain that we understand least well. Whether through attendance at exhibitions or performances, or the purchase of objects or downloads, audiences ascribe many kinds of value to their experience, including monetary value.

The research strand ‘Capturing London’s Audiences’ is designed to do just that: to better understand how audiences and cultural consumers behave, how their experience can be enhanced and developed, and how artistic and economic value can be added to the creative process.

By working with artists, promoters, technologists and academics, we aim to find answers to the key questions of the moment: what is an audience; how do people respond to and interact with an aesthetic experience; what is the relationship between technology and live experience; what motivates people to engage with cultural products and what value to they ascribe to their engagement?

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Digital technologies have the potential to transform many aspects of community life, cultural experiences, future society, and the economy. This research strand is focused on how to realise this impact in London’s digital creative sector, by bringing together researchers, cultural institutions, and businesses.

This is an important area for many internationally leading cultural organisations, such as the BBC, British Library, National Archives, Tate and V&A. London has a strong digital creative sector, including the well-known Tech City area. We hope that, bringing them together will lead to new ways of conceptualising the challenges that digital creative businesses and cultural institutions are facing in developing their digital resources.

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Creativeworks London is one of four Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop strategic partnerships with creative businesses and cultural organisations, to strengthen and diversify their collaborative research activities and increase the number of arts and humanities researchers actively engaged in research-based knowledge exchange.