Creativeworks London funded London-based creative entrepreneurs to take up a short-term residency with one of its research partners. The examples below demonstrate the range of residencies that were funded by CWL. More information about the scheme can be found here.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence Scheme

Jack Hartnell and The Courtauld Institute of Art


Jack Hartnell

Academic Partner

Professor Caroline Arscott, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Project Title

Designs, Platforms, and Users in Academic Publishing

Project Description

In 2014 The Courtauld Institute of Art launched the first title in Courtauld Books Online, a high quality, peer-reviewed series of art history monographs, available for free online. This residency award allowed Jack Hartnell to continue his collaboration with The Courtauld in order to develop Courtauld Books Online into a formidable force for long-term change in the academic publishing community. The objectives of the residency were to evolve Courtauld Books Online from a pilot project into a credible academic resource, whilst tackling longstanding issues of sustainability and maintenance.

During the residency Hartnell was able to create new templates for Courtauld Books Online and develop the publications design. Hartnell has also assisted on the delivery of two new books by Courtauld Books Online, Modernist Games in 2014 and The Netherlandish Canon in 2015. Because of the residency Courtauld Books Online has been able to evolve, managing to adjust and fit the changing needs of its diverse readership. It is hoped that the creation of a distinct visual brand identity will help future-proof the publication, combining classical aspects with visually appealing elements of art publishing.

Hartnell is currently a Research Forum Postdoctoral Fellow at The Courtauld and has a forthcoming book, entitled Looking Through the Opened Body in Medieval Art and Culture coming out in 2016.


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