This is the CWL News and Funded Project News Archive. It draws an informative picture on which stories relevant to the creative industries were happening during the AHRC-funded period of Creativeworks London between 2012 and 2016.

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Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries exhibiting at Royal Academy (9th June – 17th August)

Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries, a limited edition filmic custom made TV monitor installation of the work will be on display at the renowned Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition, from 

Walking Drawings are a series of live public art installations where artist Everton Wright, (Evewright) re-interprets remote ‘sandscapes’ across the British coastline by creating large-scale drawings up to a quarter of a mile wide. Then members of the general public are invited to walk with him on the drawings to participate in this inimitable interactive installation creating patterns and formations.

The coastline is a place where the sea deposits as well as removes life and materials. Historically a transitional space of arrival and departure which represents ideas around migration and journeys. The temporal nature of the work means that each installation is created in a five hour period in harmony with the tidal flow before being washed away by the sea. Each Walking Drawings are, therefore, a unique experience influenced by the elements and environment and cannot be controlled or replicated. This ensures that each Walking Drawings are distinctive unique creations. The entire process is filmed and photographed from various perspectives including the vantage point of a100ft platform placed at the location.

Evewright said,“The Walking Drawings allowed those who took part to express their individual stories within the work, which in itself was both surprising and moving to see. The drawings are a conduit for bigger happenings which cannot be controlled or repeated but which are inherently beautiful.”

Everton Wright was awarded a Creativeworks London Creative Entrepreneur in Residence award. In collaboration with Royal Holloway the project aimed to explore the performance element of Walking Drawings. It involved looking at the relationship between the individuals that take part and how they can be empowered to use drawings as a tool to communicate through the use of imagery, dialogue, storytelling and sound.

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Walking Drawings: Cumbrian Heavy Horses (i): One of a series of twelve prints was on display in the Jeanne Kahn Gallery five at the Royal Academy of Art London as part of the Summer Exhibition 2012 which was curated by Barbara Rae RA with the collaboration of Chris Wilkinson RA.


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